I design and create stained glass windows, mosaics and glass-on-glass art for the home and garden.

I live in a small city with professional parks, lakes and nature within minutes of my home.  I am inspired by the beauty I see everywhere and enjoy spending time outdoors.  I am an active gardener and love to walk my yard and see the personal touches I’ve created everywhere.  The various mosaics and the way sunlight plays on my glass panels never fails to draw my attention.

For the past five years, I have been working with glass and increasing my skill level and knowledge with each new project.  What started as a spare time hobby, has become my passion.  I love to create unique and unusual pieces and spend hours working in my glass room most days.

Rome IMGP0102 Rome - ColosseumI am always pushing myself and my skills to new heights.  I love a challenge, and I’m always working on a new ideas.  My goal is to create art that people connect with and feel the same  sense of awe that I do when sunlight sets it on fire.

Wanda Knight

Glassafrass – St. Thomas, Ontario