SG sunflower

SG Abstract

Given the choice of using blinds or curtains to cover smaller windows in my house, or a piece of stained glass, I will always choose the beauty of glass.

Stained glass panels are not only beautiful from the inside during the day, but when seen from the outside at night, they are just as beautiful and (with the right design) provide plenty of privacy.  

My glass pieces showcase the unlimited mixture of colours and textures available in glass.  I enjoy using simple designs that capture the sun and highlight different areas of the panel as the sun moves through the room from morning to night.   

Panels are made from hand cut glass pieces and can incorporate bevels, geodes, glass globs, etc. in the design. Smaller designs (e.g. sun catchers) can be free form but larger designs require a frame for added structure.  Stained Glass usually has a metal (zinc) frame, but custom wood frames can really compliment a piece beautifully.